Once again, my lovely gothlings, I slipped again with the posting but nearly as bad as last time. 🙂  Plus I have excuses.  We’ll just put them under another of my misadventures.  Gotta stop having those.  I am supposed to be a grown up after all but that really sucks. lol

Anyway, I’ve always felt a close kinship to Edgar Allen Poe.  His grave is in my city, his historical house that he shared with his wife/cousin Virginia, I took a who is your famous dead soul mate quiz once and it was him and I did this thing where you enter something you’ve written and the program tells you who you most write like.  Once again, my beloved Edgar.  When I was young and my friends were reading Judy Blume, I was reading Edgar.  I feel we can be on a first name basis now.  We’ve had, or I have had in my head lol, a 20+ year relationship with him. 🙂  But now that The Raven is coming out with one of my favorite actors, the beautiful John Cusack as Edgar and it’s being released on my birthday, it just feels like one more coincidence.  All of this, along with my natural need and desire to write, along with my belief that it’s what I’m supposed to do since it’s all I ever wanted to do :), makes me believe that I’m on the right track.

Yes, I’m kind of crazy and a bunch morbid and probably equally as weird, but some people seem to like that.  Now I know my split apart twin (lol) will say her writing and artistic hero is Edward Gorey, another post-mortem legend.  But who inspires you, my gothlings?  What did you read that spoke to you and said, “You’ve got to do something like this.  You have GOT to write.”  I’m really interested, as always, with what you have to say and the opinions you share.  Because we darklins must stick together. 🙂