Yes, my darklings, I, who held out getting a Kindle or a Nook, received one for Christmas.  I love my actual books.  I keep them forever and re-read them constantly.  Aside from a bookcase that is packed to overflowing, I have boxes of them in my basement as well.  So when I got the Kindle, I was thankful.  It is a very nice gift, but I was distrustful at first.  What about my “real” books?  Would they feel abandoned or hurt?  Would the come to life while I slept and waddle down the hallway to seek revenge for my betrayal?

Then I downloaded my first couple of books from Amazon and I was hooked.  I didn’t have to wait the 3 to 5 working days for my books to arrive.  Just a click and they were mine, which may have been the beginning of the addiction.  Waiting is not for me and patience is one of those virtues that I haven’t mastered yet.  No longer is that a problem.  Now, since the end of December and to this date, I’ve read 56 Kindle books and of course my favorite hard and paper back books.  I get bored, I look around to see if there’s a new book that might interest me and POOF! I’ve got it and I’m off reading.  Luckily insomnia keeps me from falling to far behind on instrumental stuff like laundry and giving the kids baths. lol

But now that I’m firmly entrenched in the Kindle way of things, I’m thinking differently about ebook publication.  I want, more than almost anything, to hold my book in my hands.  To touch and love it and then put it away behind glass somewhere. lol  If that doesn’t happen, such is life.  If an ebook contract is all I ever get offered, I’d snatch it.  Sometimes if an ebook sells well enough, the publisher will give it a run with the printers to see how it goes.  I can live with that. lol  The anthologies that I’m a part of are all in book form so I have at least seen my name in real ink print and that’s cool.

So how many of you writer’s out there are willing for the ebook contract or are you totally set on paper?  And, if so, do you have some form of eReader that you’ve found you suddenly can’t live without?  Luckily for me there’s no rehab for ebooks.  Yet. 🙂