I managed through the sun and bad mood and started moving forward with the book again, darklings.  I guess that’s part of being a grown up writer, you’ve got to get through all that crap so you can keep going.  And on the upside, I don’t feel like it sucks so far.  That’s always a good sign because I’ll be the first person to think what I write is crap even if other people say differently.  Even the book my agent has I’m insecure about.  Is it me, or do most of you feel that way?

And another good point, it’s supposed to be cloudy today!  Yay!  🙂  So in between laundry, I can try to get a few more pages in.  I’ve got to write while the writing is good.  You never know when writer’s block is looming and about to drop on you.  ;P  The kids that aren’t asleep right now are being baby sat by Dora the Explorer so as soon as I finish here, I’ll be heading over to MicrosoftWord.

I do have another question though.  It’s not in me to do what everyone else is doing, never has been so, though I fell into the Twilight trap (before it was unGodly popular and my husband bought it for me so I can’t be blamed for it entirely lol), I’ve been avoiding The Hunger Games like the plague.  But my oldest son saw the movie and just finished the first book and he says I have to read it.  Partially so he has someone to talk to about it so the guilt is there for that one too.   So, is it as good as everyone is saying it is?  I’ve read the first chapter or so and it doesn’t suck but does it continue to not suck?  lol  Let me know if you’ve read it, por favor.  🙂