It’s another sunny day, my lovelies.  What happened to April showers?  I am in a decidedly extra bad mood today.  I to get rid of this before I can write anything that will be worthwhile.  There wold be no sense in trying to start now when I know the tone would be all wrong for the book and I’d have to delete it anyway.  I had a whole different idea of what to blog about to today and now it’s just gone so let’s see if I can think of something else.

Okay, here we go.  Do you have a preference for point of view when writing?  I always thought I preferred first person because you can settle even deeper into your main character and write like you’re talking about yourself.  But all of the books that I have short stories in always prefer the third person so I’ve gotten used to writing that way.  But what I’m writing now is the second book to Brimstone and two chapters in, I went back to Brimstone to get some details for continuity and realized I’d written that one in first person.  So, instead of getting any real writing done last night, I had to go through this one to switch it from third to first.  Then I figured I might as well do a quick edit of those chapters since I was combing through it to change the point of view anyway.  A setback, even a little one like that, messes me up some.  I have had worse though.  I’ve had my computer eat a finished book before.  I think I might have cried over that one.

So what do you do to get through the crap that clouds your mind so you can write?