Good morning all of my darkings and gothlings and lovely souls. 🙂  Even though spring break is not helping me with my writing output, this morning is starting pretty well.  I’ve got a nice, fresh cup of coffee and my skull mug, just lit a cigarette and I’m thinking that after I post this, I might write a short story to add for anyone who’s interested.  Maybe writing something dark will jump-start those brain juices of imagination so that I might roll through a decent amount of pages for the actual book.  You know, limber up the brain muscles with an exercise or something.  It’s just an idea that I might try.  Or not if I feel like I’m wasting my opportunity to get something down on the screen. lol

The day is bright and which will make it a little harder for me to get into my mindset.  A dark cloudy day, a thunderstorm, those would be helpful.  Maybe I should move to Forks, Washington too with all the Twihards. lol  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about whether it was raining or if the sun was going to feel like a knife stabbing me in the eyes.  Does anyone else have that problem?  Or is it just another weird facet of me?  😉  Either way, sun or no sun, brain exercise or no exercise, sometime today I must write.

That’s my advice for the day.  Those of my friend’s who writers know it already.  At least try to write everyday.  Even if you’re just staring at the computer, or thinking about where the story is going to go or carrying around a notebook to jot down those ideas that burst out of nowhere and you don’t want to forget them.  At least give your story a chance to wiggle its way out of your subconscious, no matter if you have to prod it along.  You can always make it better later.  That’s what editing is for.  🙂