Good morning my darklings and gothlings.  Here we are at consecutive day 2.  I told you I’d try to keep this up.  I’m a Taurus and as an earth sign, we’re a pretty reliable bunch but we’re also really self-indulgent and lazy. lol  So it’s not like I don’t want to write the blogs, I just may not feel like it.  🙂

So, naturally, I’m fairly nocturnal but lately I’ve been like an insomniac.  Nothing is putting me to sleep, not pills or boring reruns on TV.  So I’ve been reading.  A lot. lol  I think I may have become a book addict, as if it wasn’t bad enough before.  Anyway, aside from reading stuff in the genres I write, I really like Katherine Rawland.  Her book Grave Secrets was probably the first non-fiction book I’ve ever read that wasn’t some kind required reading in high school.  If you like stuff about corpses, dissection or getting into the head of some kind of psycho, I definitely suggest her stuff.  She writes very well, with humor and like she’s talking to you about anything basic in the world and not decomposing bodies.  You know, just a casual chat over coffee about the pros and cons of morticians using super glue versus a thread a needle to keep a dead person’s mouth closed in the casket.  I may be just a touch morbid. lol

Anyway, to feed my addiction, and maybe expand what I’m reading, tell me what you’re reading and why it’s good.  If you don’t mind. 🙂