Enter Title Here.  Doesn’t that seem like a lot of submissions, minus the query and synopsis and cover letter, of course. lol  I think sometimes coming up with a title is harder than coming up with a book.  How do you catch the bulk of the story and the eyes of those reading it by just a few words?  It’s not easy.  I think it’s harder for the title than the first line of the book and that’s supposed to do the catching.  There are classes on writing first lines, contests even, just for a first line that is better than “It was a dark and stormy night”.

Maybe it’s the planning on my part.  I want to start writing as soon as the idea hits me.  But I rarely plan anything out.  So I’ll have a first line waiting to go but I’ll stare at that blank computer page and try to figure out what the story should be called while the story builds behind it.  I’ve always been kind of backwards

So, lately I’ve been writing and reading.  I submitted a short story to an anthology.  The story has been rejected everywhere I’ve sent it, but I like it and hope that it’s finally found a home.  It includes the first rule of horror movies.  Nothing like sex or the monster will get one or both of you.  I deals with the insanity that happens when you realize there is no hope for escape while you hope you can find a way to escape.  Now I wait.  The wonderful game that writers play.  So I’ll wait and I’ll write while I’m waiting and do what is best in these situations, gothilings.  Make pretend the submission never happened.  Don’t think of it.  Erase it from my mind while I wait and see.