I have some magic plans today.  I’ve been testing some spells out for a book.  One of them is a favorite of mine and one is new but in combination the testing should work out pretty well.  I’ve gone to one of my witch friends to check on the new one, gotten some new supplies and I think it’s ready.  Let’s hope I do it all right, darklings.  If these go well, they make the cut for the final chapter.  I know I’m usually a fiction writer.  But, what the heck?  Maybe I should write about what I know too.  There isn’t a rule that says I can’t do both, right?  😉

Then the focus goes back to fiction.  I’ve been letting the story sit a grow and get darker in my head.  By the time the non-fiction is done the other story I started may have to take a step up from YA.  It gets pretty dark in my head sometimes and this story is just sitting there soaking it up.  I haven’t written any short stories either so there’s been no release of my imagination.  Maybe I’ll have to do the YA and a horror at the same time. lol

But one book at a time, Krista.  I must not get ahead of myself.  I’m clumsy and fall a lot.  I’m still suffering the effect of my unexpected misadventure. lol  If I get ahead of myself, I’ll be leaning too far forward and I’ll definitely take a header and no book will get finished. lol