Okay, it’s a tiny paycheck but it’s still a paycheck for writing.  It’s going to cost more to buy a frame to frame it once I cash it than its sum, but I don’t care.  It’s going to hang over my computer as a reminder that people out there think I’m worth something.  And a few more are coming.  So it goes to prove that you can start of small and eventually end up big.  Or at least semi-big.  I don’t expect to be Stephen King, though that would be awesome.  😉  Maybe one day.

The point is, my gothlings, is no matter how dark we are inside and out, there is still hope for our dreams.  Just don’t dream about snow.  It really is a bad omen.  Well, I can’t say that because it also said that I would get good news in the mail and Under the Stairs, the newest anthology, and then the paycheck for having a story in it both came in the mail. 

Okay, let me rephrase.  Hold tightly to your dreams.  And snow dreams can go either or both ways.  Just ask my back and head, and the new book and my little, yet very Snoopy dance appreciated, paycheck. 🙂