Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where your intricacies and perhaps homicidal tendencies were looked upon with love?  Where you were accepted for who you were and what you did?  I would love to be Morticia, beautiful with her long black hair and tight black dresses.

That is not our world darklings and if you should find a darkling or gothling to match you.  Or a normal person to who understands you, you’ve probably found your match.  And if you find something to do, most of us won’t be billionaires living off our money without thought, that makes you happy and some money, you’ve probably found your calling.  My calling makes me very little, if any, money as yet but it’s what makes me happy.  Happy as say, Gomez hitting golf balls off his roof or Moritica cutting the roses of her rose bushes.  They didn’t make any money but if fulfilled them with that morbid naturalness that is us.

My husband is not Gomez.  We do not Waltz at midnight in our family plot.  But he’s one of those normal guys who pretty much accepts my eccentricities.  So it’s possible.  Don’t give up hope.