I know that I’ve been missing for a couple of days but that’s due to an unexpected adventure.  I have come home a little worse for the wear.  I realize now that spur of the moment decisions are no longer for me.  At least not if I’m adventuring alone.  I’ll have to save this story to use in bits and pieces in other stories, it’s too good and bad to pass up.  But I’ve propped myself up to get a blog out there because, well, I just should.  Bad decision made does not mean that I’m free of the things I should do.  I should be Alice.  I do give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.  That could probably define me. lol

I will say this much, pain hurts more in your 30’s than it does in your 20’s and sometimes what would have been something you’d have done without thought or hesitation, deserves a little of both.  Now I’ve done a little damage to may hands so this is going to be very short, but here it is.