I hope that sounds as creepy as it was because it was kind of a scary dream even though it was just snow, but somehow even with the door closed, it dusted the inside of my house.  It was a softly falling snow.  You know the kind that blankets the world in that unearthly silence?  Like Mother Nature is telling you to sleep.  I was white and unbroken, no footsteps to make it imperfect yet.  It should have been peaceful but it wasn’t.  The snow scared me.  I felt like I was awake it felt so real.

So I immediately went online to see what it meant.  It ranges from good news and a dream fulfilled to an illness and bad luck.  One really freaked me out because it said if you were looking out the window…well, yeah I was looking out the window.  And how about the snow getting in the house when I never opened the door?  The cold penetrating my bones inside my warm house?  I want to tell myself it’s the good stuff but the dream didn’t feel that way so that feels like a lie.

Is it going to be good and my dream is going to come true?  Or is the surgery I haven’t all the way recovered from going to make me sick?  Let’s just believe the lie for now and hope nothing bad happens and I’ll try to rid myself of the cobweb stickiness of the feelings of dread and cold this dream snow left behind.