Today I ventured into the sunlight to go to Target.  They had some toys that ToysRUs were already sold out of.  I am not kidding, do not put off that trip if you have to go.  It’s only going to get worse.  Today wasn’t much worse than a normal Saturday except there were screaming kids and mean parents clogging up the toy aisles.  Who takes their kids shopping for Christmas toys anyway.  Of course they’re gonna scream.  “Here’s what you want and no you can’t have it for 22 days.”  I’d cry too.

Anyway the dark days of Christmas are upon us.  As I’ve said, I’ve overextended.  Yesterday my car had to go in the shop, bad brakes small accident.  All signs pointing to the coming Holiday.  A couple of incidents more and I’ll switch that from Holiday to Apocalypse.  Dark Krista is back.  She’s also trapped in her house with no car because her husband is on night work.

On the upside that means I should get some more writing done today.  Did some this morning before the Target trip, but all I have now is time.  I think I will fit in time for a spell or two.