One sure way to tell it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is I’ve overextended the money I had alloted for my families gifts, not counting kids of course.  The tree is up and decorated.  I scrounged all of the decorations out of the basement without getting snatched by any evil creature that may live in the basement.  I am procrastinating putting up the outside lights and I’ve gone over my expected budget for presents, so, yup, it’s Christmas.

It may be time to break out a money spell.  I’ve never done one of those before, just out of fear of reproductions but it’s either that or start furiously scratching scratch off lottery tickets.  And to be honest, I’m really not that lucky.  I’d probably do better to use the money to buy supplies for a money spell.  From what I’ve learned, the ones where you request an exact amount, nothing crazy like a million dollars, seem to work faster.  Since Christmas is coming at us like a steamroller, fast equals good.  If it’s successful, maybe I can include it in the end of the witch book.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to give preteens/teens money spells that definitely work.  Their parents may not thank me for it. lol