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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this day last long enough to finish off any stories we’re in the process of writing?  Then the New Year could come and we could all start with a fresh, clean slate.  But I, like a lot of other writers, will be dragging some over into 2012 with me.

I really just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wishes that 2012 will be a good year for all of us, my writer friends, my gothlings and darklings.  My family. 

So be safe and remember, they say that what you’re doing as the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year.  Make sure it’s something that you love or that makes you happy.

Enter Title Here

Enter Title Here.  Doesn’t that seem like a lot of submissions, minus the query and synopsis and cover letter, of course. lol  I think sometimes coming up with a title is harder than coming up with a book.  How do you catch the bulk of the story and the eyes of those reading it by just a few words?  It’s not easy.  I think it’s harder for the title than the first line of the book and that’s supposed to do the catching.  There are classes on writing first lines, contests even, just for a first line that is better than “It was a dark and stormy night”.

Maybe it’s the planning on my part.  I want to start writing as soon as the idea hits me.  But I rarely plan anything out.  So I’ll have a first line waiting to go but I’ll stare at that blank computer page and try to figure out what the story should be called while the story builds behind it.  I’ve always been kind of backwards

So, lately I’ve been writing and reading.  I submitted a short story to an anthology.  The story has been rejected everywhere I’ve sent it, but I like it and hope that it’s finally found a home.  It includes the first rule of horror movies.  Nothing like sex or the monster will get one or both of you.  I deals with the insanity that happens when you realize there is no hope for escape while you hope you can find a way to escape.  Now I wait.  The wonderful game that writers play.  So I’ll wait and I’ll write while I’m waiting and do what is best in these situations, gothilings.  Make pretend the submission never happened.  Don’t think of it.  Erase it from my mind while I wait and see.

Happy Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, my darklings.  So Merry Solstice my practitioners.

Still writing and editing.  I hope to get a chance to practice some magic today.  I’m a solitary so there is no coven celebration.  That’s okay though.  If any of you a celebrating the Solstice, what are you doing? 

I have a short story that I have to edit as well so that it can be sent to see if I can keep my streak of anthologies up.  I’ve made it in the last three for this series but there are five.  I’m going to take a risk and send a story that has been rejected from everywhere else I’ve sent it.  So it just basically needs to be reformatted and what not.  Then the waiting starts.

So I’ll stop now so I can get going on what needs to be done.

Hey, I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but I have a note from, well, me.  So here it is.

Dear Readers,

Krista has been absent because she’s been writing.  She has been very busy trying to finish up the witch book, going back over things, adding stuff and editing as she goes along so she can finally do a last edit before sending it to her agent.  Then she can get the thumbs up and move on to the dream book or the thumbs down and work some more on this one.

The Winter Solstice is also fast approaching, which is when the moon/Goddess symbolically gives birth to the sun/God because after that point the days start getting longer.  And, of course, we can’t forget about Christmas.  So in between writing, she’s been trying to get everyone their gifts and has serious doubts that the people whose presents need to be sent to them will get them in time for Christmas.  And her back is still killing her from her “adventure”.

So, she’d like her darklings to rejoice for the coming Solstice and her gothlings to get ready for Santa.  Krista feels that she’ll be back on track again soon. 

Thank you.  🙂

Dreamed Up A New Story

Last night I dreamed the first paragraph and the title to a story I want to write.  Once the witch book is done, this one is getting written.  Or typed. 🙂  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a book crawling at my brain so hard that it came through while I was sleeping.  And I liked it.  I may owe its birth to one of my new favorite Everclear songs.  I’ve been listening to it a lot and it gave me lots of ideas but this is made it through my subconscious all the way to the top so it must be the one to go with.

As you know, my gothlings, I’m a big believer in dreams.  This only furthers the point.  But the story is scratching around my head, impatiently.  First edits need to be done on the witch book first and then this one can take the place of what I’d been planning to write.  What I’d been planning feels lukewarm now compared to this.  It feels like Brimstone Blues.  I need to get it out.  So let’s hope I’m right.  There’s a lot of that when you start a new book.  Hope.  It’s not one of my best feelings, but one I’ll hold on to.

Big Magic Plans Today

I have some magic plans today.  I’ve been testing some spells out for a book.  One of them is a favorite of mine and one is new but in combination the testing should work out pretty well.  I’ve gone to one of my witch friends to check on the new one, gotten some new supplies and I think it’s ready.  Let’s hope I do it all right, darklings.  If these go well, they make the cut for the final chapter.  I know I’m usually a fiction writer.  But, what the heck?  Maybe I should write about what I know too.  There isn’t a rule that says I can’t do both, right?  😉

Then the focus goes back to fiction.  I’ve been letting the story sit a grow and get darker in my head.  By the time the non-fiction is done the other story I started may have to take a step up from YA.  It gets pretty dark in my head sometimes and this story is just sitting there soaking it up.  I haven’t written any short stories either so there’s been no release of my imagination.  Maybe I’ll have to do the YA and a horror at the same time. lol

But one book at a time, Krista.  I must not get ahead of myself.  I’m clumsy and fall a lot.  I’m still suffering the effect of my unexpected misadventure. lol  If I get ahead of myself, I’ll be leaning too far forward and I’ll definitely take a header and no book will get finished. lol

Got My First Paycheck For Writing!

Okay, it’s a tiny paycheck but it’s still a paycheck for writing.  It’s going to cost more to buy a frame to frame it once I cash it than its sum, but I don’t care.  It’s going to hang over my computer as a reminder that people out there think I’m worth something.  And a few more are coming.  So it goes to prove that you can start of small and eventually end up big.  Or at least semi-big.  I don’t expect to be Stephen King, though that would be awesome.  😉  Maybe one day.

The point is, my gothlings, is no matter how dark we are inside and out, there is still hope for our dreams.  Just don’t dream about snow.  It really is a bad omen.  Well, I can’t say that because it also said that I would get good news in the mail and Under the Stairs, the newest anthology, and then the paycheck for having a story in it both came in the mail. 

Okay, let me rephrase.  Hold tightly to your dreams.  And snow dreams can go either or both ways.  Just ask my back and head, and the new book and my little, yet very Snoopy dance appreciated, paycheck. 🙂

I Envy The Adams’

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where your intricacies and perhaps homicidal tendencies were looked upon with love?  Where you were accepted for who you were and what you did?  I would love to be Morticia, beautiful with her long black hair and tight black dresses.

That is not our world darklings and if you should find a darkling or gothling to match you.  Or a normal person to who understands you, you’ve probably found your match.  And if you find something to do, most of us won’t be billionaires living off our money without thought, that makes you happy and some money, you’ve probably found your calling.  My calling makes me very little, if any, money as yet but it’s what makes me happy.  Happy as say, Gomez hitting golf balls off his roof or Moritica cutting the roses of her rose bushes.  They didn’t make any money but if fulfilled them with that morbid naturalness that is us.

My husband is not Gomez.  We do not Waltz at midnight in our family plot.  But he’s one of those normal guys who pretty much accepts my eccentricities.  So it’s possible.  Don’t give up hope.

An Unexpected Adventure

I know that I’ve been missing for a couple of days but that’s due to an unexpected adventure.  I have come home a little worse for the wear.  I realize now that spur of the moment decisions are no longer for me.  At least not if I’m adventuring alone.  I’ll have to save this story to use in bits and pieces in other stories, it’s too good and bad to pass up.  But I’ve propped myself up to get a blog out there because, well, I just should.  Bad decision made does not mean that I’m free of the things I should do.  I should be Alice.  I do give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.  That could probably define me. lol

I will say this much, pain hurts more in your 30’s than it does in your 20’s and sometimes what would have been something you’d have done without thought or hesitation, deserves a little of both.  Now I’ve done a little damage to may hands so this is going to be very short, but here it is.