Last night I was asked to do the first edits for my short story in the latest anthology that’s, well, being edited.  I think there are three more anthologies out there somewhere in the editing process.  I hate doing any kind of editing but it’s always so exciting to get that email because it means the book is coming with my story in it.  It so cool just to be in a table of contents, I don’t know what I’ll do when I have a whole book to myself.  A small heart attck may be in order. lol 

And I have another story ready to go for the next series of anthologies that I’ve somehow managed to make into all of.  It’s written and edited so it won’t interfere with the books I’m writing, but these are a series from Wicked East Press and I’ve gotten in the first couple so now it’s become a personal mission to see how many of the anthologies for this series I can get in before I get the dreaded rejection and break the streak. lol  It might be this one, who knows?  But I won’t until I email the story, right?  This is a bad luck story for me even though I like it.  It’s been rejected everywhere I’ve sent it, and, no, it’s not my poor unloved little house troll. lol  His story is a page in this blog which I think technically makes it a published work anyway, just not professionally.

So that makes 3 magazines and 7 anthologies.  Now I just need that dreamed of book deal.  So if you’re reading this, please repeat this phrase:  Please, God, Goddess (whomever you pray to) help Terrie to find the perfect editor who will love Krista’s first book and snatch it up.  Thank you.  🙂