I’ve thought about it and I just don’t have a quirky title to go there.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.  It doesn’t mean the content will suck, though you might not like it.  Some writers don’t title their books until they’re done writing so I don’t feel so bad about not having a title for a blog post.  😉

So I heard a couple of Black Friday horror stories yesterday.  One guy waited in a check out line for 3 hours.  Another had to walk for a half an hour from a totally separate parking lot to wait in line to get into a store after the mad rush opening had already happened.  They’d have to be selling book deals to get me to go out for that stuff.  Then, yes, definitely, my out of shape self will haul ass from the other parking lot and throw some elbows to get into the check out line. lol  Maybe some pixie dust.  I don’t know.  But not regular stuff.  No way.  But I think I expressed that well enough yesterday.  Let’s move on.  It’s Gray Saturday.

I think there should be a new tradition started.  I like to watch some football but I think there should be a horror movie-athon for the rest of us.  And I mean good stuff.  I’d even go for that reality ghost haunting, not hunting, stuff.  All right, I watch some hunting sometimes but I’d so much rather hear a real person’s real story.  I want to be scared, real or fiction or real made fiction.  Maybe the adrenaline would help us digest faster.  Who wants to start a petition?  🙂