Yeah, I know it’s your goose is cooked but I don’t know anyone who eats goose on Thanksgiving.  So it’s done, over, you’re bloated and don’t want to move.  Still.  Maybe you put on some sweatpants, because your jeans aren’t fitting right now, and did the Black Friday thing.  Oh, you brave gothlings.  I’m staying home with the motionless ones and plopping my bloated self in front of the computer to write.  So I hope everyone had a good day and feels like eating leftovers for the foreseeable future.  🙂

Anyway, this is it.  This is supposed to be the season when publishing sloowwss down.  So write something that you’ll have time to make great when everything starts back up.  I’m not saying it’s stopped.  If the cold is making your mind stall out write something for a small press or an open magazine and build your bio, that’s never bad, remember.  But publishers have families and holidays too.  Even if we don’t want them too. lol

I’m sorry.  I know this one isn’t very dark.  I think I’m still high on turkey.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.  I know you all seem to like the weirder posts better anyway.  But even a grown up goth girl has good days once in a while.  🙂