First of all, Happy Thanksgiving all my gothlings and darklings and lovelies out there.  I hope that as you all gorge yourself on whatever part of the meal is your favorite you come up with lots of great ideas to write about.  I hope I do to. 🙂  My plates a little full.  Ha, I didn’t even notice the pun until after I typed that so it’s staying.  But, anyway, never ignore a good idea, whether it comes over turkey or pumpkin pie.  🙂

So now I’ll go because I’m sure we’ll all be busy little gobblers today and I have to go dye my hair Starry Night Black in honor of the holiday season.  It’s pretty dark anyway and I got a complaint that the purple was starting to show through again.  Who knew purple hair dye would last so long?

Happy Feasting!  🙂