Since I didn’t post yesterday, I post something from my twisted little mind, my gothlings.  I had a nightmare the other night, obviously, and I’m going to hope that you being the type of people that you are, like me so it’s not an insult, understand what a nightmare entails.  It is not always being ridden by the Night Hag or the Mare, which I have experienced and it is not pleasant.  Sometimes it’s just your subconcsious talking to you.

All right, so here we go.  It took place in two littlw shops joined into one in the town that I grew up in.  I don’t know what other people saw but I could see an evil little elf like creature who had found a way to make his trade in the current times.  In his shop were the dreams that you would ever want.  The house, the trip, the baby, the money, anything.  He had a cashregister but no one ever checked out because in order to take these things in the end he got your soul.  He was jolly, friendly, more than happy to help and he did not like me.  But how does he confront me without blowing his merry cover with his customers?  He can’t.

So I go through his store grabbing everything I can.  Every dream I know that the people I love hold dear and my arms are over-flowing as I head for the door.  I know if I can just get to the door and outside, these people will be safe because I know the truth and they aren’t my dreams.  I’m gathering dreams for others.  For some reason there’s a miniature jumbo jet that I’m trying to hold on to that keeps slipping because my arms are so full.  But I’ve got to get theses dreams into the sun.

I woke up after that.  I know I was close to the door and the little man was furious with evil rage and I was scared.  So what is worse?  That I knew the truth or that I don’t know if I made it?  Or was it just a stupid dream?  I’ll let you decide, my darklings because I know what I think is true.