I couldn’t think of a long enough post, so here’s a little poem for my lovelies.  🙂

Slipping so swiftly through veins like venom

And all that you know in your heart is you want some

And that’s where it goes, the changes they start

Straight through your soul a direct shot to your heart

You pursued the creature like you were the monster

Now you left to ponder and wander

Was emotionless really the feeling to take the place

To save yourself from what you thought was so pain laced

Okay, not my best but I haven’t written a poem in a while.  The point is, did you know that you can actually die from a broken heart?  You know that feeling you get when you get dumped or that special someone says something particularly evil and your chest tightens and it takes your breath?  Like 40% can actually die from cardiac arrest from that.  Now I don’t know if they started with a weak heart or not but we’ve all felt that pain at one point or another and wished to not feel anything at all.  It is the rare and maybe unlucky person who has never felt heartbreak.  It is a severe but important life lesson to learn.  I, personally, have wished for death just to end the pain of heartbreak.  Now let’s not go all suicidal, darklings, it’s much better to come out the other side and find the person you’re meant to be with.  But I thought I would share that little tidbit on a gloomy Sunday.  Let’s not have any cutting or anything like that.  Just go put on the Cure’s Disintergration, get it all out and know that somewhere there’s a pot of gold on the other end of the gray rainbow.  And be glad you’re not that 40%.