I think that it takes a lot of imagination to write for the dead.  Obviously, none of us are.  Or are we?  Posing as living creatures writing about a world we know but pretend to not?  That’s a story I’ve been batting around my head a bit.  But back to my point, a lot of us write about paranormal things and we have no idea what it is to be paranormal beyond what we’ve read from other authors or watched in a movie.

Then we dig down deep and think about how a creature like us but so very not like us would behave in our society.  They would have to have societal rules of their own, right?   Their wills and personalities would have to be strong to survive the grave.   Would their other emotions be just as strong? 

But that does give us a lot of room to work with, doesn’t it?  The unknown?  I can’t think of another genre, except horror, that I’d rather write about.  Thankfully, it seems to be the one that I’m drawn to.  😉