Well my darklings, due to my inability to sleep at this time, I spent a few hours working on the non-fiction witch book.  I’ve been working on it on the computer, of course, but for some reason last night, I started hand writing it and it’s getting a Book of Shadows feel to it.  That can only be a good thing.  I assuming that you know what a Book of Shadows is, but if you don’t it’s a book that olden witches used to keep their spells, their herbal remedies and advice to the younger witches they would pass it on to in the family line.  Then that witch would add to it and pass it on and so on.

It’s making the writing easier actually.  I can write what I know and double-check what I’m unsure of from a couple of different sources.  I got quite a few handwritten pages done.  I think I’ll finish this chapter and then put what I’ve written into the computer, adding a little extra here and there as I go.  I forgot how nice it is sometimes to just write instead of type.  I had particular black pens that I had to use, which I still keep on hand but are usually used for writing bills now. lol

So since I never had an elder witch to pass on a Book of Shadows to me, I hope that when I finish this book, it’ll be like I’ve passed on a first Book to someone else.