Okay, The Dark Lady may be a little melodramatic but I like the way it way sounds.  Some other already famous writer out there has probably already coined the term, if not, it mine.  Mine!  It’s currently being absorbed into my blog and platform as we speak.  Although I do still retain the right to call myself the grown up goth girl. lol

I have survived my little operation so your good vibes must have helped.  Thanks.  😉  Now I have a few pain pills and a plan.  Once I have all of the kiddies in school, I’ll take a couple so I relax enough to get some real writing done.  Not just the bits and pieces that I get out when I’m running the house or stressed out of my mind.  It will be like a small return of the Dark Lady I once was and I’ll try to keep her here long enough that we’ll all benefit from her presence.  Now, as all my plans go, this may not go well but I’m really going to try.

So let’s hope for the best, my darklings, keep the energy flowing and it will flow back. Energy has a way of doing that.  I want to write you something, my lovely agent Terrie can get out there for you to adore and read again and again like I did with books that were and are my favorites.  I write for me, but I write for you my gothlings to.  ❤