Dear Friend,

I’ll leave your name out of this though some reading this will know who you are.  Today should be your birthday.  You should be 34.  Instead you’re forever 19, you almost made it to 20.  It’s been a long 14 years and somehow it seems like no time has passed at all.  I do miss you.  You started as my friend and ended as my friend and for the years in between you were my first love.  But everyone loved you.  You were easy to laugh and smile and wanted everyone around you to be happy to.  You were contagious, I think.  You were easy to love.

You loved my paintings and everything I wrote.  Everything weird about me made you love me more.  You wanted me to believe in myself and what I could do even if no one else did.  You introduced me to music that I love, people who were special and experiences that were experiences, to say the least. lol  And I knew that when I settled into a hug with you, I could relax my whole self into you and be accepted.  I was surprised, years later, as I helped to clean out your things that you had kept my pictures, paintings and writings.  I guess maybe you thought they really were good.

But time passes for the living and I think you’d be happy to see where I am.  I believe that spirits visit in dreams, so when I dream of you, I know you’ve come to see what’s going on.  Don’t worry, I haven’t given up writing.  And don’t stop visiting.  It’s always good to see my friend.