I have let two of my best friends read what I have so far on the new fiction book.  They like it a lot, which is a good thing and has eased some of the knot in my stomach. lol  One of my friends has read a series of books, which I’m now reading the first of, that I had never read before and if I had continued on my path, my story would have been might have been uncomfortable similar.  Luckily, I’m early enough in this to make the changes that need to be made to have this book be different.  It would have anyway, but there’s nothing worse than writing a book and then finding one very close to your own.  On the upside, I know people would read what I’m writing. lol  So there are changes to be made in the darkness that comes along with my story.  No big deal.  That’s what rewrites and editing are for.

I know most of the people who read this and are writers, write fiction, so my advice today is:  Don’t sit on a story any longer than you need to.  I know you have to let it grow and become ready to be written, but don’t put it off.  Other writer’s are out there doing the same thing.

And out of curiosity, how many of you listen to music while you write, what kind, does it change?  I like to listen to music and it does change depending on the scene I’m writing and sometimes my mood, but generally there’s a blend of dark songs that I find fit the theme of my story that I stick with.  So, tell me about you.