Insomnia can be a writer’s best friend.  You can sit up nights just churning out words that turn into chapters.  Sometimes a sleep deprived mind can come up with very interesting ideas.  You can look at things differently when everyone else is sleeping and you have time to think.  Things appear otherworldly sometimes when you look out a window at 3 in the morning and everything is still and silent and the moon casts her blueish glow on the world.  Shadows are sharp, trees are wicked and all around you people are dreaming their dreams or nightmares.  It can be a wealth of inspiration.

But a tired brain can also be very stupid.  Those words that seemed so perfect and poetic may look ridiculous in the daylight.  The sun might wash away the depth you thought you had come up with while watching the moon cast shadows the night before.  You may make people more interesting than they are.  Maybe.  You also run the risk of accidentally falling asleep while typing.  I have, on more that one occasion, nodded off for a second and found a row of a hundred k’s.

Of course there are those stories that demand to be written and whether you’re tired, an insomniac or whatever, you find yourself up in the middle of the night writing.  My best advice for all of the above situations is to spellcheck, edit and really, really read what you wrote before you do anything else with it. 

Sorry, no dark today.  I’m too tired. lol