Since I’ve never met one, I’m not sure how I feel about an actual blood sucking creature of the night.  But then it would sort of be of their business to keep everyone from knowing about them, wouldn’t it?  I don’t think today’s world would be accepting of them.  I fess up to having read the Twilight books, but I do not believe vampires sparkle.  Could they be out there?  Why not?  I’m here.  You’re here.

I definitely believe in psychic vampires and I have met some of them.  Whether they know it or not, these are the people that feed on your energy.  These are the people it is exhausting to be around.  A normal person can do this so I categorize them that way.  It can work both ways though.  Have you ever been around someone who was in some kind of pain, let’s just say a headache, and after some time with you, their headache is gone but now you have one?  That would be more like empathy I suppose and allowing your aura down enough to take the pain instead of the energy.

I’m rambling now, gothlings, to see what you think about creatures I may write about.  I have one more monster that I’m working on who would be more like a psychic vampire except with an immortal life span.  Well, immortal unless the right weapons are used to kill it.  Tell me what do you think of an evil sandman?  One who dusts your sleep for nightmares to feed off of the fear?  I think that’s pretty creepy, if not in what it does but how it does it.  Something darker than darkness standing over you while you sleep, watching and waiting to feed off your emotions, almost like a night hag.  But twisting it because the sandman is supposed to be a good guy. lol 

I think I need to go write.  The muse is moving around and she wants my attention.  Thanks for letting me hash that out with you, my darklings and tell me what you think of these creatures and their existence.  I believe I’ve had a night hag experience myself and I have to tell you, it was unpleasant.  So there’s my real life element to relate to.  Yay! lol