Who among my darklings believes in ghost?  Or spirits if you prefer.  Naturally, I most definitely do.  I believe I’ve seen them and in some way sometimes interacted with a few on some level.  I guess this could go back to my are we made or born morbid post but this is different.  In the house we lived in prior to this one, I always felt like there was something there on the first floor.  Things would turn up places they hadn’t been left, scratchy noises would come from nowhere and if I was home alone, there was no way I was going down into the basement.  That is a horror movie rule.  Don’t go in the basement at night. lol  Then I learned from a neighbor whose parents has lived next door since the houses had been built that a body had been laid out there for a viewing in the living room.  That doesn’t necessarily mean anything but it was enough for me.  I’m a writer.  It doesn’t take much to get the imagination rolling.

Then we came to this house, fairly new and only one other family had ever lived in it before us.  I thought it had to be safe.  What could they have done?  But I’ve been getting little glimpses now and then, 4 years later.  I no longer use Quija, not we-gee, boards.  Kind of a creepy story is involved in that one so I leave them alone, but I have been practicing to get reaquainted with my Tarot cards which are a divination tool and also not a toy.  I don’t care if you bought them at an occult shop, a book store or Spencer’s.  I’ve been practicing other things as well, nothing dark.  I have no desire to tangle with dark spirits.  But I believe some of us have auras that are stronger than others and are kind of like a muscle.  Mine had gotten lazy from lack of use and maybe it’s getting stronger again.  I’m wondering if I have attracted someone who was lost and found my home to be a comfortable place to be.

What do you think, my believers?  Is it possible?  Tell me your thoughts.  Tell me your ghost story.  Go ahead and tell me if you think I’m a nut job, it won’t be the first time. lol