Gothlings, I think I have a syndrome.  I take just about any situation and find a way to make it a book.  Not just a book but a nightmare.  I might tone it down if I want it to be YA, but my natural instinct is to turn whatever it is into a story.  Is this a way to separate myself?  Am I taking uncomfortable situations and fictionalizing them so they’re less real?  Does it really matter as long as I get through the tough patch?

Is this making everything a nightmare story a gift of writing or am I just finding a way to make fictional people cope with what I don’t want to?  Do I just over think things when I should just get a fresh cup of coffee?  I think that might be the case.

I’m tired of spilling my guts in a non-fictional manner  why don’t you all tell me some more about yourselves and what you’re working on?  It will be more interesting for everyone.