I said I’d be back and here I am.  No strange bad comment dreams last night, so I guess that was it.  Let’s press on, my darklings.

There are some good submissions out there if you’re looking and now is the time to do it.  The publishing world starts to slow down around Thanksgiving, so move now if you’re moving on your own.  I know that this is a time when you can get published without an agent but I have to admit that I feel a lot better having one.  There’s no way that I could negotiate my way around a contract besides putting my name on it, for one thing. lol  But if you are trying build your writing base or enjoy writing and getting published just because, they’re not really a big deal.  If you’re like me and want writing to be your career, I really think an agent is a good idea.

I think I’ll keep this one short and simple as my first real post back at my normal time. 🙂  I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something much more me by tomorrow.  Don’t worry.  The weird and morbid will return.  They always do.  I think I’m a little thrown off by this whole daylights savings time thing.  4am actually came at 3am and it’s all messy.  I just need to adjust.  Everyone else seems to be sleeping right through it though.  I wish I could sleep like that.