I’m going to be honest here.  Most of my days, even if I don’t get a chance to write, I spend thinking about what I’m writing.  So the majority of the day, I half immersed in someone else’s world.  It makes folding laundry go faster, at least.  Yesterday was an unusual day an I had to spend so much time playing normal that I think I may have sprained my weirdo wire.  And I’ve got to hold out through this morning.  I hope I don’t break anything. 😉  The curse of being the only freak in the family is there’s no one to weird it up with.

There’s no doctor for normal and I don’t really like it.  I think I must start with music.  I need Korn, Nine Inch Nails, maybe some Slipknot.  I’ll have to read a book, then I can move on to my own stuff and hopefully that will be the cure and I can settle back in to where I’m supposed to be.  Maybe I’ll have to read my cards before I leave the house this morning, just to touch on some witchiness.  I’m drinking my beloved coffee out of the skull mug.  That always makes me happy and it’s a bit odd.  I’ve got to have the coffee, as you, my darklings know, but I don’t have to have it out of a black mug with eye sockets and a skeletal arm as a handle. 🙂

Do you do anything special when life yanks you out of your dark writing place and out into the sunshine besides trying to scurry back into your hovel as quickly as you can like I am?  I should have some fail-safes set up.  Once I’m back to normal, I will honestly think of some.  🙂