Halloween may be over, I’m a little sad and it’s raining like the weather know it, but we still have Dia de los Muertos.  Okay, I’m stretching it now, I know.  But it’s still a great holiday that celebrates people who have died and the remembrance of them.  It’s also All Saint’s Day for those souls who’ve made it into Heaven and tomorrow is All Souls Day who are doing their time in purgatory.  Really there’s a plethora of days to choose from for some paranormal writing climax, or plot part.  I’m doing that myself.

I’ve said it before, my gothling writers of the paranormal and horror, I think it’s invaluable to mix some reality in with your creation.  Whether it’s experience, or dates you can coordinate to give a solid reason to your plot or even just really good research, it will give your character and story some validity.  Even if it’s fiction, it has to be believable.  Go ahead and make it as dark or frightening as you feel, but make sure the person reading what you wrote can like and relate, even a little, to the person and the world you created.  That’s my best advice.

Granted, my book has not been published yet, but my agent is working her butt off for me and I believe it will happen and I’m writing more.  But I have been published horror magazines and anthologies so I must have a clue.  Some people who know me would probably deny that. lol

So the Comment Drawing was last night, of course.  The winners were Aaron Tate, Dreadswench and Jessica.  Congratulations!  Thank you.  I’ll be contacting you all shortly to see where I should send the prizes.  Happy Dia de los Muertes everyone.  Remember to give a thought to those you love who’ve passed on.