Halloween is finally here, my gothlings.  We’ve waited like dark painted little angel freaks (remember freak is not a bad word here) for Halloween morning to dawn on us.  The one day of the year when we can be ourselves and no one really questions it.  Except for the few who ask what your supposed to be.  My general answer was, “Myself.”  And the questioning would pretty much stop there.  So don your fishnets and your big black boots, darken your eyes and blacken your lips to revel in the night meant to celebrate the end of the light side of the year.  Have fun.  But leave the little kids alone and don’t go bag snatching.  That’s not cool.  Just remember, you were a young gothling once.

So that’s it for today.  No writing advice.  Just Halloween.  Tonight I draw the names for comments.  I’ll post the winners on my facebook page and if you are a winner, I’ll send you an email for your address in private so you can get your stuff. 

Be careful out there.  Not everyone is wearing a mask tonight and not every sound is the wind.  And wear a coat, it’s going to be cold.  🙂