Gather closely all my darklings and gothlings, for tonight is Devil’s Night.  I know you won’t because if you celebrate it, you’ll be out when it’s your chance to do the tricking and not when it’s actually Halloween and maybe it’s something a little darker than any of us doing it.  If  you do go out on Devil’s Night, don’t do anything stupid.  Smashing pumpkins is one thing.  Setting fires like they do in some cities is another

But anyway, this means tomorrow is Halloween!  And tomorrow night is the prize drawing.  And dressing up and candy and horror movies.  I do believe that the veil between the worlds are thinnest then and the chances for something magically scary of magically wonderful to happen are possible.  So if you haven’t done it yet, get your mind right.  Set it for fun, darkness, scary and chocolate.  Come on people.  You could see a ghost and you’re getting chocolate.  Well, you know, via you kids bags.  But if you’ve got to walk with them, something has to keep your energy up.  So don’t feel guilty about grabbing a mini-Snickers or something.  It’s totally validated.  🙂

As for you other writer’s out there, at least the ones who write fiction, particularly the paranormal/horror type like me, get to writing today so tomorrow is free.  Type your little fingers off so you’re guiltless for basking in what Halloween has to offer.  And, really, you’ll still be doing you job as a writer.  Just pull in the atmosphere and feelings that go with day and especially the night.  Feel the excitement and fear, watch the horror movies, enjoy the kids running wild across lawns and watch the people so you can turn it into words later.  There’s no better writing than when you can take experience and mix it with imagination.

So Happy Devil’s Night, my lovelies.  Get ready for tomorrow.  Yay!  🙂