I had a completely different post in mind when I sat down at my computer but the weather icon on my Yahoo home page had changed from rain to snow and rain and I began to worry.  So I got up to get a fresh cup of coffee and made a trip past the windows where I peeked out the venetian blinds to see if I could see anything white.  I didn’t, but I guess it would be melting with the rain into a gross slushiness instead of laying like a blanket of cold made solid.  Aside from a few very specific things, I hate the snow.  I like how the sky turns a strange shade of violet-gray and the world seems to become very silent right before the snow begins, like its waiting.  And I like how it all looks when its fresh and untouched.  Then I want it to just go away.  If it snows on Halloween, I’ll be extra bitter.

Last Halloween was not a good for me.  Bad on lots of levels and I was hoping that this one would make up for it.  Maybe Mother Nature will pull it around for us.  What fun are costumes when you have to hide them under bulky coats?  Then people really do have to ask kids what they’re dressed up as because they can only see the bottoms. lol  I’m going to be hopeful.  Somehow we’ll have one of those freakishly warm Halloweens despite today’s weather, I’ll do the drawing and make some people a little happy and everything will be good.

As for the drawing, I think I’ll take the time today to pull the names of the commenters off of my list so I’ll have them to put in the hat.  Then, when the time to draw is here, I’ll be ready to go and put the names up on my kompletelykrista facebook page.  So make sure you check there. 

And one more thing, my gothlings, the horror movie-athons have started.  So watch some and know that I’m watching some too.  🙂