Well, my darklings, I know how one of my friends feels about graveyards.  But how do you feel about them?  I find a calming sense of peace as I walk through them, taking notice of their dates and whether they were a beloved anything.  Or is there is a double plot with a date on one side and just the born date on the other as a husband or wife waits for their life’s love to join them.  I think the spirits that may linger there appreciate the fact that I respect their places, that I will right their fallen urns or trace the etched stone with my fingers.  That I care.  I love the old trees that grow in those places, the upper branches that rustle in a breeze that I can’t feel.

What would I do if a spirit appeared to me while I was there?  I don’t know.  I seriously doubt that I’d be as calm as I think I would be.  But I hope I would be and just think of all of the inspiration you would have to write about.  I think you should give graveyards another chance.  Just go into them with respect and an open heart.