That’s right, all me darkling and gothlings, I heard a rumor about changing the date of Halloween.  Crazy isn’t it?  I guess you can’t really change the date of a such a popular holiday.  I mean really it’s Samhain, the witches Sabbat to end the lighter end of the year and the beginning of the darker half and it’s celebrated October 31-November1 and there’s a whole long history for witches and for the regular world to go along with that, that I won’t go into.  But the point is, how would you like Halloween to be celebrated on the last Saturday in October?  I suppose that’s strictly for the kiddies trick-or-treating  (don’t you love how the threat of the trick still comes first even after all this time), parties and that sort of thing.  The actual Holy Day can’t be changed, I hope.

I may be wrong, and please feel free to comment and let me know, but I think Samhain, dressed in whatever form, may very well be the oldest holiday any of us celebrate.  It’s the celebration of the fall harvest and like I said earlier the end of the bright part of the year and other things for other people.

But I think there’s definitely a story in there with a little tugging and imagination, gothlings.  The Goddess, or Gods, or whomever someone worships for that day could become very angry at such a the possibility of such an arbitrary decision for we as worshippers to decide to change the date that a powerful being holds sacred.

What do you think, darklings?  Is it my next short story?  I think it may be.  🙂