There was a near coffee disaster avoided yesterday.  I ran out and have been running on about four hours of sleep a day, at most.  Luckily I actually remembered to buy some more and I am happily drinking a cup of it now as I type this and have my morning cigarette.  Would you really feel like reading yet another post on the miseries of being out of coffee?  I don’t even think I’d want to write it.  Where would the originality be?  I think I’ve sucked all of the funny out of it.

So last night I stayed up very late but I’m close to caught up to where I was when the computer ate my book.  It is safe and sound and ready to be added on to now.  If something else goes wrong, I’m going to have to take that as a sign that the book isn’t meant to be.  I’m going to be very careful.  I want to get as much done as I can now because Halloween is coming and unless some morbid idea comes to me, that will be a holiday from writing. 

Man, I’m tired.  I am literally falling asleep sitting up writing.  I don’t thing that’s a good sign, gothlings.  I might have to do a double spell check on this one, really read it to make sure my sentences are coherent.  I might have to make this a short one and post another short one later after I’ve been awake for a while.  The screen gets fuzzy when you’re exhausted, darklings.  If that starts to happen, it’s time for a break.  Trust me on this one.