Is there really such a thing as standard formating, gothlings?  I don’t know anymore.  It used to be a pretty simple thing.  You had a specific font, a certain size and you always had two spaces at the end of a sentence and double spaced your whole manuscript to leave room for an editor to make changes or remarks.  It’s not so simple anymore.  And how you’ve formatted can make or break your submission.  So really, my gothlings, take care when reading the guidelines.  You all know that I have an agent but that I also submit short stories to anthologies and magazines on my own but the way I format for the two are completely different.  Okay that’s my writing advice for the day.  If you’re not working with an agent, which is a personal choice, just make sure you are paying close attention to those guidelines.  You don’t want to get a rejection because you use Courier instead of Times New Roman.  I know a select all under the edit button can fix all that but once you’ve been turned down, that won’t make a difference.

So now that I’ve given my little lecture, let’s talk about something fun.  Or at least fun for me.  🙂  Are any of my older darklings dressing up in six, yay six!, days?  Yes, you are probably too old to go out after candy but that doesn’t mean you can’t be some kind of creature while you’re handing it out or going around with little ones.  What are you going to be?  I think my favorite goth dress will come out from the closet.  The black lipstick will reappear and the fake eyelashes with the sparkly stones on them.  And I can just tell everyone I’m a vampire or a witch.  lol 

I think for now I’m going to go write for a bit while the rest of the house is quiet and asleep.  I’ve got the stories I’m working on formatted the way they’re supposed to be for who they’re supposed to go for already.  😉