My computer was hungry last night.  It ate the second of the books I was working on.  I’m not sure how it happened.  It could have been me doing something stupid, but since I’ve lost work before I usually neurotically save what I’m writing.  I could have been a kid since I usually leave what I’m working on minimized so one click and there it is.  Either way, when I opened it up there was one blank page; not even a title.  Panic set it.  Phone calls were made.  Emails were sent.  It’s gone.  I hope my computer gets inferno-like indigestion.  As long as nothing else is harmed.  I swear today the thumb drive will be used.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  I’ll probably spend a lot of time today rewriting what I had written and then store everything I have in Word on the thumb drive.  Busy, busy.

I will share one story with you before I go.  It’s a sad story, but it ends happy, so no worries gothlings.  I was doing a rewrite of Brimstone for my agent.  They were pretty big changes that a publisher wanted, so I figured out a way to make it work, and stayed up nights to get it all done in like two days.  A whole book.  But I got it done.  I know I’ve told you about the dead CPU that’s holding all of my other stories hostage at the moment, well it was that computer.  As I went to start it back up the email the book with the changes, that was when it died.  After I finished freaking out and trying everything I knew to make it turn on, eventually calling the computer very bad names and beating on it 🙂 a new computer was bought.  I emailed Terrie, my agent in case I haven’t told you her name, explained what happened got her to send me a her copy and did it all over again.  Maybe I did it better than what’s sitting on the CPU I’m currently glaring at.  So there’s two lessons: 1. Always use a backup (which I just learned again) and 2. Sometimes fate thinks you can do a better job.