I had two very different dreams last night.  One of them was about the path I’m pursuing now.  I had my book, it was published and I held a copy of it in my hands.  I wish I could remember what the cover looked like so I could describe it but I don’t think it really had one.  It was a dream, who knows?  The point is that I know it was Brimstone Blues and holding it was an insanely good feeling.  But I kept thinking, I’ve got to write more now.  They want more, faster.  But even the stress of that felt good. 

Then for some reason, it all changed to the other job I think I would most like and I was a mortician.  Weird, huh?  I wouldn’t say I was happy like in the first dream, but I was contentedly doing my thing.  Now is it because I find a mortician’s work interesting or because the main character in my book is a mortician and my subconscious just switched it all around?  Dreams are strange and difficult things but at least neither were bad dreams.  🙂

Anyway, enough dream interpretation, though I’ll probably think about it most of the day until it slips away and I can’t grasp at the tendrils of it anymore.  There are now officially 10 days left until Halloween.  That means 10 until the drawing for comments on my blog, so if you’re reading this and you’ve never commented, pick a post and comment on it so I can put your name in the running.