Sometimes the screen stares back at you.  It may feel menacing.  It may even feel like it’s taunting you, daring you to write.  And then you do.  The words come from, I don’t know, the ether, your mind, your muse.  And what you’re writing is good and you know it.  There may be few things that feel as good as that in the whole world.  For a while you’re lost in a place you created with people you made up.  You can make it a beautiful or ugly as you want or as it needs to be.  You can see your world and your people and you know exactly what they’re feeling and it’s like the escapism of it is a drug almost.  The screen can do nothing about it.  You’ve beating it for the day.  Time passed and you didn’t even notice.  Autosave is on but you compulsively click the save button anyway, just in case because you know if you lose any of what you’ve written it will never come out the same again.

Those are the best days, my darklings.  Those are the days that you live for as a writer.  When the words pour from you like magic to create something special, is something special.  I hope all my writer friends out there have their muses whispering in their ears today, and mine too. lol

And just to add, there’s less than two weeks until Halloween!!