I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain on my widows.  Not that pitter-patter, but a real, steady rain and it was nice.  The sound was welcome and it was good to wake up to something that made me happy immediately.  It was be so cool when I go out to my car and have to lay a towel down on the driver’s seat because my window is stuck down about two inches, you know that cigarette ash flick gap.

Anyway, progress is slow and steady on the books.  The short story is sitting immobile at the moment.  That’s okay though.  One afternoon of writing and editing and I should be able to get that done.  I will, of course, go over it again.  I can’t just write a story and hope to get up to acceptable standards in one day, but I can get it mostly done.  And I do want to get this short story into the anthology I’m writing it for.  It’s part of a series and I’m in the first two so far.  I’d like to make the third.  I’d like to make them all but we’ll go one at a time.  It’s for Wicked East Press, who aside from the other two books in the series I have another short in a another of their anthologies.

I’ve been worried about my writing, the slow steadiness of it when it used to come in long bursts but then I counted to myself where I have been published.  Of course, most have been for the love or for a contributor’s copy and it’s about 10 in the last two years.  Seven different anthologies and three magazines.  Now those will stall while I focus on my full length books for my agent.  But what I was trying to do with those short stories was build a bio, so when Terrie, my agent, goes to someone with my book (or eventually books), she be able to hand them a biography that shows I’ve been published.  That way it shows I’m publishable.  But I think I might have focused to hard on the bio and not enough on the books.

The point here, gothlings, is if you’re a writer find balance between writing your books and writing to build your bio to help your agent, or you if that’s the way you’re going, sell your book.  I think this was a lesson it took me a bit too long to learn and now I have to make up for lost time.