For those of you who read this, I’m sorry I’m so late getting this out this morning.  I’m working with the worst migraine ever and it kind of hurts to just move.  Don’t want the cigarettes, don’t even want the coffee.  But life must go on.  I’ll just try to hold my head very still, stay in the shady places and make everyone be very quiet.  Good luck to me on the last one.

So let’s make this an easy blog.  We’ve done horror movies.  I can’t think so hard as to decide what my favorite book or who my favorite writer is.  What does that leave us that will let you tell me about you.  You all know what I’m doing now.  Working on the two books and a short story when I need a break, so I’d much rather know what you’re up to.  Since I’m a Halloween lover, what is your favorite thing about the season?  Costumes?  Decorations?  The season itself with the changing leaves?  Pumpkin carving?  I love them all and more.

And just because, if you were ordering a pizza just for yourself, what would you get on it?  Are you a pepperoni purist?  If you get anchovies, tell me what they’re like because I’ve never been brave enough to try one.  I’ve had the worm out of a tequila bottle, but no anchovies. lol  And I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who’s ever done the pineapple thing.  That just doesn’t sound good to me.  I’m a spicy girl, can’t mix my spicy and sweet.  🙂