So this morning, after some coffee and a cigarette of course, I decided to read my cards.  I know I’ve said before I don’t particularly like to do my own readings but I did it anyway.  Started out pretty well.  Yes, I have creative aspirations crossed by the hierophant, who I would assume is my agent.  I know I’m not writing as much as I should be but I’ve got very good stuff in there.  Then in the near future, how the world affects me, my hopes and fears and the conclusion places, were some cards I wasn’t very happy with.  They made me uncomfortable.  Were other parts of my life bleeding into the read?  It’s happened before.  I think I’ll just leave it for now and write as well as I can.  There is editing before that final draft.  And really,  how many times do we do a final draft?

I imagine, should that golden ticket of a book deal come through, I’ll be doing a few more edits before there’s really a final, final edit.  For some reason, I don’t think I’ll mind too much. 🙂 

So, I was thinking.  Yes, my gothlings, I know the dangers of it but it happens, Halloween is only 17 days away.  The back ordered gifts have yet to arrive but I’ve gotten stuff to make up for them.  My point is, we’re all over the place and it isn’t like everyone’s going to fly in for a little gift from me.  So, maybe, now I said MAYBE, because I am not photogenic, pictures will be taken every so often as the process is done and posted on the kompletelykirsta Facebook page.  I’ll announce the winners there and then here and then it will just be shipping.  I used to have a couple of pointy witches’ hats.  I hope I can find one of those.  Anyway, otherwise it will be a posting update as I move along.  Any thoughts?  And just so it doesn’t get out of control as I often let things do, I have final say in how it’s all done.  And remember, they’re just little prizes, nothing grandiose, but pretty cool just the same. 😉