One of the problems with being a writer is you can’t just not feel it one day.  You can writer’s block or nothing worth saying but you can’t just not feel like doing it.  Maybe for a little while but you’ve got to get over it and carry on.  You have to continue to be patient, write or at the very least, think about writing.  As I mopped yesterday I was setting up my character’s next scene and pitfall which, if I’m a good little writer, I’ll put down on the computer sometime today.  Then I’ll read it over to see if it sucks or not.  Let’s hope for a not suck.

I definitely wasn’t expecting this during my favorite month.  Maybe I’m just tired.  And I haven’t felt so well.  I think once I get the chance to write today, I’ll do my agented work and then I’ll try to finish up a short story to submit so I can get a feeling of completion.  Maybe if I get something done and worthy of submission, I’ll perk up.  Getting my back ordered prizes would probably help too.  I know they aren’t for me but it’s still pretty cool to get something in the mail.  I want to see what these things look like when I can hold and touch them

So I think I’m going to end it here for today my gothlings, get another cup of coffee and go watch Franklin.  Yup, if you’re a mom you know I’m not feeling it today.  If you’re not, it’s a kind of bad cartoon about a turtle.  Give me some happy comments.  Don’t make me watch Franklin all day.  😛  lol