You would think that getting up very early would help me get more done, but guess what?  It doesn’t really do all that much.  I can’t clean to get that out of the way of writing because everyone is still sleeping and I’m too tired to write anything that’s worthwhile.  I guess I could do some research but I’m not sure if sleepy and pumped up with coffee is the best way to do that.  So that means computer research.  At almost 4am now.  Why doesn’t my household run on my schedule, gothlings?  Or would I just stay up late then and bitch about everyone going to sleep early?  🙂

Either way, writing is getting done.  Slowly, on little step at a time.  It’s a busy week for me.  Doctors, doctors, doctors.  Blech.  Of course, If I polished off a short story and maybe got an acceptance letter, that might perk me up. lol

So are we all ready for Halloween, darklings?  I’ve got some pumpkins that have GOT to carve or buying they will have been worthless.  But if you get up at 3 am, 7 pm sorta feels like bedtime.  Wait.  When did I get old?  lol  Anyway.  I did buy some chocolate and as predicted, the bag has been ripped into and the good stuff pilfered.  So no more candy until it’s closer to Halloween.  It’s not safe.  Yet.  Or maybe ever.  Mwah hahaha.  🙂  Look, something has to keep me going!  🙂