So since everything else I’ve every written has been fiction, research really isn’t my thing.  I guess I did do some on Brimstone Blues, but it was pleasurable because I like mortician stuff.  I loved learning how a body gets treated, the tools that get used, how they used to do it before there was today’s technology.  I learned about the families and the, maybe most importantly, the name of what a mortician was called long ago which gave me the name of my main character’s “creature” powers.  It made me able to make my characters’ histories real because they could have worked they way.  I still read my favorite of the books.  Yes, maybe that makes me odd to read books on preparing a human body for viewing and then the grave but it’s really interesting.  And what my character does to the corpses she treats in the book is what some morticians really do, it depends on if they’re old school or not.  Cotton ball or plastic eye caps for the eyes?  Stitching or super glue for the lips?  Pancake make-up or airbrushed?

Anyway, this research is different.  I didn’t try anything out on any bodies while writing Brimstone Blues. lol  On this book, I’m testing things to make sure they work.  I’m taking what I know and reading up just in case I’m dusty and then breaking it down for younger people.  What do you call just below YA?  Is that Children’s?  Older children?  Am I writing into a void?  That could be a good thing.  Maybe I could fill it up.  The point is, I have everything I need, I just have to get it down nicely, pretty, properly. 

And for goodness sake’s could someone tell me why I’m sitting by a heat vent blowing hot air, drinking a cup of coffee and I’m still cold?  Geez!  Darklings!  What happened to autumn?