Gothlings, don’t ever let your desire for coffee let you over think your actual needs and let you go get a cup of coffee and no coffee to make the next day.  That’s all I’m saying on that and I’ll leave it alone.  Okay, that and I’m back on gingerbread tea.  I’m done now.  Really.

Let me tell you about this cool ashtray I have.  I know in general ashtrays are gross but this one has a base with skulls around it and a full skeleton rock star guy at the back and when you sit your cigarette down, the smoke goes up his ribcage and comes out like his singing into his mic.  It was a gift from an important person, so I put it in my curio cabinet until about a week ago when he noticed it there and said, “You know that’s an ashtray, right?”  No.  Duh.  I though it was some cool thing or a cone incense burner maybe.  Let me use it now. lol

So last night I read over what I have of my book and added to it.  I like it.  I like my main character.  She’s feisty. lol  But I’ve given her a bit of a weakness, AKA those damn teenage hormones.  Will feisty win out?  I’ve already decided.  I thought back over how many times hormones and feisty did battle in my life.  Still do really and what the tally is.  Now I’ve just got to get her to that pivotal moment and throw some roadblocks in her way as I do it.  Being and gothling doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart (all of the time), sometimes it means you have a bigger heart that you hide behind a lot of black stuff.  🙂